About Us

Digital Shift is a dynamic and innovative technology partner that helps you to reinvent your business as an intelligent enterprise and remain relevant within your industry through innovation, intelligence and deep industry experience.

Augmented by innovative leading and bleeding edge modern day technologies and technology services, as well as through combined business and industry insights that accelerates growth and transforms your business by driving innovation at scale through intelligent platforms, across your entire organisation.

We are part of the preferred Microsoft and AWS partners for Small and Medium sized businesses.

We have a national presence with customers across the entire country, and are 100% cloud focused in areas such as IaaS, PaaS, DevOps, Office 365 and Cloud Security Solutions on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS.

We have helped a number of customers to achieve their Cloud Readiness, Cloud Automation, Cloud Strategy, and Cloud Migration goals within Azure and AWS, through consulting engagements.

We offer a wide range of solutions that appeal to various industries across the globe, and understand the different challenges they face around compliance, regulation, and security while working in the cloud.

With our strong in-house architecture, engineering, and development teams, we’ve created effective solution streams which help customers assess, plan, migrate, monitor, test, secure and respond to their AWS, Azure and Office 365 environment challenges.

By leveraging best of breed solutions and extensive experience in delivering them and other consulting endeavours in various industries, combined with our highly trained and skilled staff, recognized and backed by our high-ranking partnership and trust we have with Microsoft and AWS over the years, Digital Shift is well positioned to meet many of your technology challenges.
We have Three main focus areas within the organisation.

• Cloud Services (i.e. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Huawei Cloud, Generic and Multi-Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration, infrastructure optimization, etc)

• Managed Services and Support (Server Support and Management, End-User Desktop Support, Network Support and Security Support, Compliance & Governance, Policy and Procedure Development, etc.).

• ISV (I.E. Bespoke Software Development, Application and Integration Services, etc.)
We are not your traditional day to day Information Technology (IT) Partner and don’t intend to be.

Vision & Mission?

Our vision is to attain sustainable growth that will benefit our clients in every way possible. We aim to grow and expand our offerings beyond those of traditional companies and will go above and beyond to gain client satisfaction.

Our mission is simple. We aim to help you digitally transform your business by leveraging leading and bleeding edge technologies and concepts in order to give you more of what you need and none of what you don’t, helping your business realise reduced TCO, better ROI and improved ROV within your technology landscape. We strive to be the preferred technology partner of choice. This is achieved by understanding your business model, your technology requirements and as well as aligning with you in order to understand your exact requirements, vision and strategy so that we can provide the best assistance and guidance to you in order to future proof  your business and seamlessly integrate into your existing business plan and strategy at an operational and business level.